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system administration

Happy sysadm Day!!!

Today is sysadm day, so remember to thank your system administrators.

System administrators are professionals who work many thankless hours keeping the computing infrastructure working.

Sysadms don't get free trips to Hawaii for meeting quotas, don't get company cards to use for happy hours and generally don't get to come in late the day after working late.

Sysadms do get paged at all hours of the day and night ( not to mention weekends and holidays ), do get yelled at by people because something broke and do get to work long hours because someone else broke something.

sed intro

Ran into a cool introduction for sed.

Job board for LOPSA

Doug got the job board up on the LOPSA web site. He's done a fantastic job testing and getting patches on the test server and now has it up and running on the production site.

Wrote the job board list asking them to help us get jobs listed.

Great to see progress for LOPSA.

Linux etc.

Doing a presentation for PLUG west side Tue night.

Calling it "Linux etc." and covering things I think people should know. Ideally we'll have audience participation. In fact, I probably should learn something almost every time I give the presentation.

The presentation should really be mostly just standard *NIX stuff, but I'm not going to worry about compatibility this time around.

Hopefully the presentation will be a strange mix of trivial pursuit, game show and treasure hunt.

LOPSA started

The League of Professional System Administrations recently started up. LOPSA was born out of a movement to split SAGE away from USENIX, but ended up being an independently created organization.

LOPSA has a lot of projects planned and already has an active mailing list.

Get involved and help LOPSA become the organization for IT professionals.


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