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2008 Mar GNU/Linux classes

Mesa Community College is offering several "Free Software" classes starting this month. They're 8 week classes at the Business and Industry Institute.

Go to the schedule and choose CIS.

All 3 classes have openings, so signup now.



LOPSA has announced professional system administration training for SCALE 6x.

CIS240DL - GNU/Linux Network Administration

Mesa Community College Network Academy
CIS240DL – GNU/Linux Network Administration

Class Moodle instance.

Textbook "Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide" Fifth Edition RHCE (ISBN-13 978-0-07-226454-8)

System Administration Resources


"Free Software" Classes

I teach a few classes at Mesa Community College's Network Academy. Note that we have moved to the Southern and Dobson campus.

Upcoming FLOSS classes:


Spring 2008 "Free Software" classes

Mesa Community College is offering several "Free Software" classes starting in January. Please signup soon to make sure you get a seat and to make sure the classes aren't canceled due to lack of participation.

Phoenix Asterisk User Group

James over at Rhino Equipment mentioned that he was planning on starting a local Asterisk user group. He's setup a web site saying that it'll kick off in September.

September is also the Phoenix AstriCon.

Amanda from Rhino Equipment has been out to help at the InstallFest.

System Administrator Appreciation Day 2007

2007's System Administrator Appreciation Day is here. I had planned on taking our sysadm to lunch. As often happens to system administrators, he got hit by some issues and isn't getting lunch today :(.

As a recovering system administrator (currently working as a developer), I understand the interrupt driven environment. I also want to help our environment be less interrupt driven :).

Give your local System Administrators a membership to LOPSA and nominate them for sysadmin of the year if they're doing a great job.

One year of LOPSA

Today, 14Nov2006, LOPSA is having its one year anniversary!

Congrats to LOPSA for all of its accomplishments in just one year.

Thanks to all the volunteers ( and let's not forget that the LOPSA board members are also all vounteers ) who've worked so hard to make LOPSA a success! Thanks also to the sponsors who've supported LOPSA and all its many activities.

LOPSA formed and immediately built active mailing lists with lots of good sysadm content. A couple of weeks later LOPSA had a strong presence at LISA. Many LOPSA members actively work to make LISA happen, so that was no big surprise :).

Sysadmin Days blog

Chris is writing a blog of LOPSA's Sysadmin Days Phoenix.

Sysadmin Days

LOPSA's Sysadmin Days starts on Monday. The rest of the weekend is going to be spent getting ready for that.

We've got a nice program and I'm really looking forward to the training.


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