Presentation accepted for SCaLE 9x

Apparently my Tunneling with SSH presentation was accepted for SCaLE 9x as I'm on the schedule. No email confirmation yet. I presume that'll come through soon.

This presentation is an expansion and update of my Linux Journal article on how to Use SSH to Cross a Suspect Host Securely from last year.

Tech Evangelist job @ Mozilla

Be a tech evangelist for Mozilla. "Part hacker, part evangelist, part project manager, you're all about making sure developers have the knowledge they need to turn out really cool, cutting edge apps." Sounds pretty cool. Let me know if you get the gig :).

Technical Evangelist

Job Type: Full-Time

ABLEconf call for presentations open

ABLEconf has opened it's call for presentations. Proposals are due by January 22nd.

Want to tell others about how your business uses Free Software? Does Free Software save your business money or otherwise make it more capable? Working with Android, Maemo, OpenMoko, MeeGo or other Free Software mobile platforms? Are you using Free Software in government or education? Submit a proposal to let us know how.

Baby Choking Devices

Why do baby products come packaged with so many baby choking devices? I'm talking about the little plastic fasteners that we normally associate with attaching a cardboard tag to products in stores. The ones that you rip in two and invariably lose one half before you can get it in the trash. Those things.

Aren't they obviously a baby choking hazard? Small enough for a baby to pick up. If a baby can pick it up, it will go in the baby's mouth. That's fairly automatic.

Software Freedom Day tour of Local Motors micro-factory

Local Motors hosts the Software Freedom Day (SFD) Phoenix area event by providing a tour of Local-Motors' Chandler Micro-Factory on Thursday, September 16th at 18:30.

Local Motors uses Creative Commons licensing for car and part designs giving owners and third party parts manufacturers full source access to the specs created by Local Motors.

Local Motors uses Free Software internally and would like to use more in the cars and in the production of the cars.

Red Hat Road Tour 2010

The Red Hat Road Tour is coming to Phoenix on 2010Okt12. Sign up for the half-day seminar. Topics will include virtualization, infrastructure and cloud.

Both the registration page and the thank you page are hosted on, but in order to register you have to allow javascript from No need to allow javascript from

Free Software in Lake Havasu, Arizona?

Do you know of any companies in Lake Havasu that use Free Software such as GNU/Linux, Mozilla Firefox, or *BSD? How about individuals that prefer to use Free Software? If so, please contact fuzzyvader in the #ABLEconf channel on

GNU/Linux classes start soon

The fall semester is starting before the end of August. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Bash Shell Scripting starts on Monday, August 23 and runs Monday and Wednesday nights for 8 weeks.

Happy Sysadmin Day

Happy 11th annual Sysadmin Day. Once again I get to celebrate it as a sysadmin. I also get to celebrate it by starting the workday 2 hours before midnight...

I also get to celebrate by taking my baby for playtime at the gym. It'll be a great day :).

KJZZ increases international news

SB1070 went into effect today and interestingly today is the premier of BBC news hour on KJZZ, the NPR/PRI station in Phoenix. Guess not everyone in a position of decision-making in the state is an east coaster bent on discrimination.


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