NASA talk for PLUG

Noel Gorelick of the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University will be discussing ASU's participation in the robotic exploration of the planet Mars, and how linux plays a part in that work.

Noel did a great job with his last presentation for PLUG. Lots of really cool pictures of Mars and stories behind what was going on. He was also a great presenter as well as having really, really cool materials. This might be the last chance to catch the talk as Noel is leaving the Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU to work for Google.

Wednesday, 2007May23, starting at 19:00.

Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics

east side Treffen

Getting together with a bunch of friends at the Cyprus Pita Grill in Tempe today.

We're meeting at 16:00.

920 E. University Dr.
480 966 1996

Free Software Stammtisch

What is the purpose of the Stammtisch?
Jobs Nights
Stammtisch Locations

About the Free Software Stammtisch

The Free Software Stammtisch is a social environment for GNU, Linux, *BSD and Free Software enthusiasts. We start arriving at 19:00 and hang out until at least 22:00, with several of us often there until closing time.

The Stammtisch in the east valley now meets in Mesa. There is also a Free Software Stammtisch in Prescott.



A Stammtisch is the table at which regular customers meet. In Germany, it's common for groups of friends or people with common interest to get together on a regular basis. English terms that might encompass similar activities would be special interest group and bridge club. Stammtisch often gets directly translated as "regulars' table".

In Germany there are many, many Stammtische. Some are groups of friends that have been meeting since they were kids and some are people with a common interest such as a Motorrad Stammtisch ( motorcyle enthusiasts meeting ).


Great White South

Ice that survives the summer in the warmer southern climes? Yes. For now, but maybe not in 20 years.

Die Zugspitze is melting. Yup, an inland glacier.

The article notes that Germany might be helping speed the destruction of the glacier by being the world's 6th largest producer of greenhouse gasses. Wikipedia lists Germany as the 3rd or 4th largest world economy. Maybe that's an indication that Germany is producing well, but reducing its impact on the environment.

Free Parking?

Need free parking for your horse?

Southwest Valley?

Recently attendance to PLUG meetings has been growing. We're back up to 30 to 40 people at the east side meeting. Having a lot of good presentations has helped there. Not only have we been getting good Free Software presentations ( including JJ's great, spontaneous presentation about his homemade wireless router ), but we've been getting some excellent presentations that aren't directly about Free Software.

We had two presentations on NASA projects ( thanks Noel and Mike! ), plus an excellent presentation on resume writing ( thanks Don! ). Mike even talked with us afterwards about his experiences on the MythBusters.

Freewill: awesome show

Freewill once again put on a great show! They had a good turnout and the audience was primed for the concert.

Good Company Pictures was there working on part of their multi-part documentary, "Tribute: The Next Best Thing".

They're also covering Police and Queen tribute bands. Some other bands as well, but I guess they haven't finished negotiating the rights to use the music.

Along with the great music, Freewill had lots of props. As always they had stuff like the dryer on the stage. This time they also had Permanent Waves girl, the Moving Pictures movers, a skeleton dancer for Roll the Bones and a Presto bunny.

Freewill 13th anniv bash

Freewill is celebrating it's 13 year anniversary and the announcement of the new RUSH album, "Snakes and Arrows", with a performance of 23 classic RUSH songs.

Good Company Pictures will be in from Toronto, .ca ( RUSH's home town ) to film and interview fans. Freewill has been chosen to be featured in the "Tribute: The Next Best Thing" documentary. As usual, Freewill is sponsoring a canned food drive at the show. Donations get raffle tickets for prizes donated by sponsors such as Rush Backstage, KDKB and Guitar Electronics. The last two shows had t-shirts from Geddy's dryer...

Clubhouse Music Venue

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Tempe Stammtisch Kinoabend - »Das Leben der Anderen«

The Tempe Stammtisch will be heading over to the Harkins Camelview to see the 18:30 showing of »Das Leben der Anderen« ( The Lives of Others ).

The plan is to meet in front of the theater at 18:15.

7001 East Highland Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ

602 222 4275 x016

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