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PLUG has two topics for August, Tech Debt and /etc/alternatives

PLUG has two topics for August.

Ed Nicholson - Technical Debts and Digital Assets

Exploring the analogy of debt and real world financial obligations, as a context for a software's or system's life cycle. Debt and Software are both fundamentally types of Intangible Assets. This talk is an exploration of how the much older asset class, Debt, may be usefully applied in understanding the relative newcomers, Software and Systems.

der.hans - Introduction to /etc/alternatives

/etc/alternatives allows choosing among many programs to provide a certain functionality.
For instance, editor can point the locally preferred text editor. alternatives will also make sure man-pages also match.
Attendees will learn:

What is /etc/alternatives
Why is /etc/alternatives
How to configure /etc/alternatives
How to use helper scripts

Thursday, 2018Aug09 at 19:00.

251 North Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

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