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Respect for Congressman John Lewis

I read "March: Book Two" at the end of the week ( thanks HumbleBundle ) before going to see "Hidden Figures" over the weekend. Congressman John Lewis was an amazing young man dedicated to civil rights and non-violence. The 3 part comic series tells the story of his youth as a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

Book two tells the stories of the Freedom Riders and the March on Washington ( MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech also appropriate timing with his birthday and holiday this weekend ). Young John Lewis also gave a speech that day. Book two also covers his speech and what he wanted to say, including a rough draft at the end.

The comic tells of many occasions when he and others were beaten ( some were killed ) and arrested for non-violently demanding equal rights. While it's easy to focus on those injustices, the real story is how people worked together to overcome those injustices and the racism and segregation. It's a story of ordinary people working together to make the extraordinary happen.

It's a lot to cover in a comc, but as Larry Gonick ( author of "The Cartoon History of the United States" ) tells us, "Luckily, this is a comic book, for which no idea is too complex."

Thank you Congressman Lewis, thank you for making the world a better, more equal, more just place to live.

Thank you also for sharing your story.