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Someone Else's Problem night at PLUG

SEP is Someone Else's Problem, so for SEP 2016 PLUG is covering cloud, which is Someone Else's Computers.

We have two talks about dynamically deploying systems. One is an introduction to OpenStack. The other is an overview on deploying dynamic HA environments with HashiCorp's tools.

Cloud provides on demand capabilities via dynamic, elastic provisioning.

Dynamic means that you can easily provision and reprovision tools to meet need, e.g. deploying a render farm, then deleting it and deploying an index engine.

Elastic means capacity can grow and shrink as needed. Need another 20 systems for the next hour, just deploy them, then delete them.

With a public cloud, the cloud provider provides the capacity for elastic capacity.

With a private cloud, the company provides it's own hardware with sufficient excess capacity to absorb increases in capacity requirements.

A hybrid model allows a company to have private cloud, but then use a public cloud for elastic increases beyond the company's private cloud capacities.

Our third presentations is on Bluetooth beacons which allow you to tag physical locations for automatic actions. For instance, trigger an automatic phone sync when you get home or automagically turn on the garage light when you go into the garage.

Swing by Thursday night and enjoy learning how to make it all Someone Else's Problem :).

We go to BJs after the meeting to hang out and talk. Feel free to join us for that as well.


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