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AZ FOSS Jobs for PLUG resume presentation followup

After my resume writing presentation at PLUG last week a few people spoke to me about looking for jobs. Some were new, so I don't yet know them by name. Hopefully they show up for Resume Review Night on Tuesday.

One mentioned node.js. Kibana makes heavy use of node.js. Rashid, Kibana's creator, lives in town and presented for PLUG. Seek jobs at Elastic, specifically a Sr JavaScript Engineer.

Over the weekend I also ran into a Pearson job seeking Node.js.

We also have a couple of project managers looking for something new. Here's a wfh product manager and Shamrock Foods wants a project manager to go into the office. PetSmart is looking for a product manager.

Shutterfly needs Java and MySQL DBA people in Tempe.

Here's a QA job from a Phoenix-based startup.

Red Hat is looking for a Channel Sales Account Manager to embed over at Insight. Red Hat is also generally looking for software engineers.

Choice Hotels is also looking for a software engineer and other openings in Phoenix.

If you are interested in 100% travel technical jobs, please let me know.