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Job Night @ Stammtisch on 2014Jul15

ANNOUNCEMENT: Job Night @ Stammtisch! The Free Software Stammtisch is hosting a job fair at this coming east valley event on Tuesday, 2014Jul15. The goal is to bring in engineers and managers from groups that are hiring as well as job seekers and recruiters. For technical positions it's much better to talk directly to the team that is hiring. Job Night @ Stammtisch is geek networking for finding the right person to join your team or to find the right team to join. If your company offers referral bonuses, show up and talk to potential candidates :).

As this is geek networking in the Arizona summer, suits are inappropriate. Sure, dress for success, but remember that the Stammtisch is a casual setting.

Free Software system administrators ( GNU/Linux, *BSD ) and developers ( Perl, C, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, etc ) are still in ever increasing demand. Companies are still having trouble finding good candidates. Year afer year we see that companies need Free Software talent and that there isn't enough to go around. One way for companies to find good candidates is to go where the candidates are. Companies and their engineers should participate in local group mailing lists and events. They should also go to conferences such as SCaLE.

Job Night will run from 19:00 to 20:00, but everyone is welcome to hang out for the rest of Stammtisch if they'd like.

Iguana Macks is a commercial restaurant. The Stammtisch is a social event. There is no obligation to buy something, but we will NOT be providing no cost food or drinks. If you want something order it and pay for it :).

Job Night @ Stammtisch
Tuesday, 2014Jul15
19:00 - 20:00

Iguana Macks
1371 N. Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224

If you're going to be at the jobfest and you're looking for candidates, please add a link or job description as a comment to either the Google+ calendar entry or the posting.

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Jobs @ Job Night

Here are some of the jobs that will have someone to represent the hiring team.

Web application developer

Web developer for JBOSS B2B work

GNU/Linux System Administrator near the Biltmore

Red Hat sysadmin