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Best pub in the valley

On any given weekend, the best pub in the Phoenix metro area is whereever the Keltic Cowboys are playing. This weekend the lucky pub is Fibber Magees, a fine pub even when the Keltic Cowboys aren't playing. Last week it was the Tempe Oktoberfest, as funny as that sounds :). The week before it was Rosie's, also a nice pub for any occassion.

The Keltic Cowboys have some great original music, but they're also a great pub band playing rock hits and Irish classics.

You might be familiar with rowdy, pub perfect "Kiss My Irish Ass". If not, you will be after hearing them play it :). Many of their other well-known songs are the lively, fun ones such as "Blackthorn Man", "Soccer Tribe" and their cover of the "Ballad of John Malone". Thoughtful songs such as "Black Hole of Calcutta", "Heartland" and "Richard" are also great ( the slower beat gives you time to order a new round of drinks and maybe a shepherds pie or some curry fries ).

Check them out and verify for yourself that the best pub in town is whereever the Keltic Cowboys are playing.

The second best pub in town is generally whereever Travler is playing. Both are great bands, but Keltic Cowboys fits the pub scene a bit better. Check out Traveler at a festival for an oustanding experience.

Last I knew, both bands are also available for private parties, so your house could be one of the top 2 ranked pubs in town for the night ;-). post