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FLOSS jobs in Phoenix

The economy is strong for Free Software jobs in technology. Phoenix ( and the rest of the cities in the valley ) continues to be a hot market for FLOSS jobs. Lots of programming ( PHP, Java, C++, Perl ) jobs as well as sysadmin jobs.

If you know someone who is looking for a Free Software job in town, please help them get employed.

GoDaddy, the Apollo Group (Univ of Phx), 2wire ( mostly helpdesk ) and PetSmart ( mostly non-tech jobs ) are usually hiring because they tend to burn people out. Not implying anything good or bad about them, just pointing out churn. GoDaddy and the Apollo Group seem to always need sysadmins and programmers.

If you're willing to get a security clearance check on GD ( Tempe ). There's also Boeing (Mesa and maybe Tucson), Lockheed Martin (Good Year) and Raytheon (Tucson and Sierra Vista). Places needing security clearances are often hiring because they have to be ahead of the curve. JPL/NASA ( mostly at ASU and UofA ) might fit a similar pattern, but are much more grant dependent.

Datacenter/networking companies are also growing in Phoenix. Example companies in this category include Limelight, IO, Phoenix NAP and OneNeck.

Check also Freescale, Discount Tire, Uhaul and Choice Hotels.

There are also a couple of hospital/medical/insurance places that seem to consistently be hiring even in the current economy. I'm told 1070 killed a bunch of federal funding for hospitals, so that might no longer be the case.

In addition to perpetually hiring, GoDaddy currently has a need for a GNU/Linux system administrator who will also end up learning MySQL DBA and at least one programming language. If you already know MySQL and how to program that's even better. Contact me if you know me and want to get to the right person.

There have been lots of PHP gigs in the valley in the last year. Most are demanding someone who is really, really good. I currently know of a PHP gig for someone who knows symfony.

I believe Hitachi consulting might be hiring as there's a claim of taking over IBM contracts. It was specifically mentioned that Hitachi needs UNIX people who know GNU/Linux in the east valley.

PayPal has been hiring locally. Same with Amazon, but make sure you're talking to the tech side of the company rather than the warehouse side of the company.

If you're willing to travel 100% of the time ( $HOME to dust a few times a year ), know GNU/Linux system administration and can do consulting ( remote customer service in a suit and tie ), then let me know. I know of a couple of good companies that consistently have openings for their consulting teams mostly doing large site conversions to GNU/Linux.

HostGator has been putting up bilboards everywhere looking for GNU/Linus sysadmins who will move to Texas. Rumor has it that pay is crappy, however I know someone who took a job at HostGator and moved and might disagree with that rumor. I'm told he's quite happy there and is getting paid well.

I do not currently get any kind of kickbacks or bonuses from any of these companies, just want to help the companies find good people and want to help good people find jobs.

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