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FUDcon:Tempe 2011

At FUDcon today. The largest FUDcon turnout ever. Lot's of good conversation in the hallway track.

Really enjoyed Curtis Zinzilieta's performance tuning basics presentation, Can't be here tomorrow, so I'll miss his second presentation if he makes it (he also has obligations and wasn't planning on being here tomorrow). Luckily he made a similar proposal for ABLEconf :).

I also enjoyed Richard Fontana's legal talk. I had planned on only staying for part of it, but he and Pam Chestek were engaging enough that I stayed for both presentations.

I would like to see the usability and graphics programs presentations tomorrow. Same with the Fontana/Chestek IP Law for Hackers talk. I should attend the Writing SELinux Policy talk since I teach security in March :). In the end it doesn't matter that many interesting talks are at the same time since I can't make it at all anyway...

Hopefully I can attend home Hackfest stuff Sunday night or Monday during the day.

It's nice to see some people I only see at events like this. Also good to meet a few new people. Thanked @fontana for his great conversations with @bkuhn.

Thanks to Curtis, Max, Robyn and Ryan for helping me announce ABLEconf to the FUDcon attendees.