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Baby Choking Devices

Why do baby products come packaged with so many baby choking devices? I'm talking about the little plastic fasteners that we normally associate with attaching a cardboard tag to products in stores. The ones that you rip in two and invariably lose one half before you can get it in the trash. Those things.

Aren't they obviously a baby choking hazard? Small enough for a baby to pick up. If a baby can pick it up, it will go in the baby's mouth. That's fairly automatic.

Not only are those things the perfect size to catch in a baby's throat, but they have 3 prongs to lodge in the baby's throat. It's like they were designed to be dangerous. Were "small enough for a baby to swallow", "likely to lodge in a baby's throat" and "barbed to cause damage and be difficult to dislodge" design constraints?

They're a nightmare in a house with a baby. Luckily, on adult clothing you can usually hold both ends when you break them and there's only one.

And then...

Baby clothes seem to have a 3 fastener minimum. We had a 3 pack of baby towels that had at least 6 of those little baby choking devices per towel! That's insane. Who could possibly think that's OK?

Since the day with that fateful package of towels I tend to buy the products that have the fewest baby choking devices. This also saves me time as I don't have to pull all of those off and make sure I don't lose any.

As a helicopter mechanic we were trained that if a tool or part was lost while working on a helicopter the helicopter was grounded until the lost item was located and retracted from the helicopter. Should I lock the baby out of a room with an unaccounted for baby choking device? Best to just avoid the question by avoiding those annoying hazards.