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My LinuxJournal SSH article

LinuxJournal recently published my article on using SSH to safely transit a compromised host.

I've been using these techniques a lot for my classes. I'm using a new classroom and paperwork issues are restricting my laptop to either being on the classroom network ( which I need as it provides resources for class ) or on the Internet ( which I need as I access the Internet for those resources I pull from my laptop ). I need both at the same time, but can only get one at a time.

I can ssh to a machine on the local network and from there get to the Internet. The local account is a shared account, so I can't safely use it to authenticate to remote systems. Theoretically the machine isn't compromised, but it also isn't safe. I ssh in to the shared account and use tunnels to safely bounce accross it from my laptop.

If necessary, this can also be used with reverse tunnels to bounce across public shell accounts to get into boxen behind NATs or where your home ISP blocks incoming connections. For the latter you might want to just look at something like <
a href="">nat-traverse.