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Buy Nothing, Do Something

It's a time for over-consumption, our annual food coma. It's also a time for family and friends. We should remember those near us that might not have family in the area.

Let's be thankful both for the good things in our lives and that the bad things really aren't all that bad for most of us celebrating Thanksgiving.

Many of us also get Friday off. Remembering that it's a holiday for family and friends we should avoid going out into the consumptive crowds. Instead we should spend the day doing something for our community.

Give back by helping out some community project. Volunteer at a shelter or a food kitchen. Work on a Free Software project. Help weatherize some housing for the coming winter. Do something that gives back.

Pick a project and write some documentation or code. Maybe help debug the program or it's documentation. Heck, learn how to use something new.

Be willing to work for whatever makes you thankful and help people out along the way.

If you're feeling a bit bloated go for a hike, but then remember to think of the community when you finish. Think local, act global.

Hope you have a good holiday and find something productive and fun for Friday.