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ABLEconf call for presentations

A coalition of Arizona Free Software user groups are proud to announce the 1st annual Arizona Business and Liberty Experience Conference.

ABLE Conf is a Free Software conference organized by The League of Professional System Administrators Arizona Chapter, the Phoenix Linux Users' Group, the Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team, the Phoenix BSD Users' Group, Teens for Linux, the Tucson Free Unix Group, the SMLUG, the Linux Users' Group of Yavapi, the Arizona State University Linux Users' Group, and DeVry Linux Users' Group.

The community event is planned for Saturday, September 20th at the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are soliciting presentations of 25 or 50 minutes in length in any area of the Free Software experience.

Specific areas of interest are:

* Community Building
* Education
* Multimedia
* Toys & Games
* Ecofriendly computing
* Local businesses using Free Software
* Multi-platform Free Software

Interested presenters can email their proposal to

Additional information: