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Fall Free Software classes

The Fall semester starts next week for the community colleges. Lots of Free Software classes being offered.

Update: changed the URL to include full classes and not specify the semester. It seems to default to the current semester.

Here are the results for a search for Linux that was netting 42 classes and 17 different courses.

There are classes listed for Mesa Community College, Estrella Mountain Community College, Paradise Valley Community College, Glendale Community College, Scottsdale Community College, Gateway Community College and Chandler Gilbert Community College. That's almost all of them.

Heck, at Mesa Community College we're offering GNU/Linux classes at two different campuses.

There are other classes such as Michelle's class and her C++ class. The OOo class is a great opportunity for us to expand Free Software classes into application topics.

Phillip also has a game development class and a couple of web development and scripting classes. He'd love to teach GIMP and, but we've got to fill Michelle's OOo class if we want to get other Free Software application classes.

There are some Perl and PHP classes as well.