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more on Insignia ogg vorbis support

Many of the Insignia portable music players available from Best Buy play ogg vorbis! I've blogged in the past about my good experience with the 8 GB Pilot I bought.

Recently a friend bought a bunch of used ( some actually in unopened boxes ) Insignia players. He bought them for gifts, but got carried away. He gave me the opportunity to try a few models before he re-sells them.

I bought a 2 GB model from him. All of the Sport and Pilot models have played ogg vorbis just fine. The Kix models don't play ogg vorbis, so I'm going to ignore them.

The Sport and Pilot models also play videos, so PMP means portable media player for them. Well, maybe it's personal media player. Darned multi-expansive acronyms.

The Sport and Pilot models also have stereo bluetooth support, which is a key feature for me as I have stereo bluetooth headsets. Lack of bluetooth support is why I haven't purchased any of Cowan's ogg players.

They also play patent-encumbered formats such as mp3, but as more and more podcasts are available as oggcasts that becomes irrelevant :).

ogg is a listed format for the Sport and Pilot models. It's great to see a company supporting a patent unencumbered format. In this case Insignia and BestBuy are also advertising that they support ogg.

I hope Insignia starts putting ogg vorbis back into their car stereos as well.

Let Best Buy and Insignia know you like their support for ogg vorbis.

For an unmaintained list of hardware that supports ogg vorbis see the Xiph wiki.