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Meerkat Manor returns

Meerkat Manor is coming back! After Animal Planet seemed to drop the show, it's great to see not only season 4, but a new special!

It all starts 2008May25 with Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins. It looks like that's a restaging of Flower's youth. I wonder if the delay was due to the meerkat actors being on a sympathy strike with the writers guild. After the movie is a special on the making of the movie.

There's a special on the Science of Meerkat Manor scheduled for the the day after the movie.

On Friday 2008Jun06 season 4 gets underway! The new episode is on after a Meerkat Marathon with Meerkat Manor episodes all day long.

Meerkat Manor is essentially the only TV show I watch. Well, I'll watch It's Me or the Dog after Meerkat Manor because the doggie dominatrix is fun :).

Victoria does a great job and I've learned a lot from watching.

The meerkats are really fun to watch and the soap-operatic story line gives a glimpse into the full life of these cute little creatures.

If you think they're great in the wild, check out what they do in a zoo. Well, OK, maybe not.

Animal Planet has a map of zoos in the US that have meerkat exhibits.