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ogg vorbis and bluetooth in a PMP!

The Insignia Pilot is a great, little portable music player that does ogg vorbis and has bluetooth!

I've been wanting an iAudio from Cowan for quite a while, but none of them have bluetooth :(. Hmm, they seem to have just released the Q5W with bluetooth support, but it's hard-drive rather than flash, so still not what I want.

I was thinking about getting an ogg player without bluetooth to replace my aging Neuros when I chanced upon a few new ogg players and found that Insignia is once again rocking with ogg vorbis support.

I went in to Best Buy and bought the pilot with 8 GB of storage in order to get the full sized SD card slot.

Being able to use a headset without wires absolutely rocks. As does leaving the player in another room and still being able to listen. Now jacuzzi time at the gym only threatens my ruggedized sport bluetooth stereo headset :).

Attaching the Pilot to a GNU/Linux box gets it automagically recognized as a storage device and it's easy to drag and drop files onto it. cp works just fine as well, of course :). The file transfers go pretty quick as it's USB 2.0.

My entire Rush collection only takes up 1/4 of the space, which leaves me plenty of room for Science Friday and other podcasts. Well, and lots and lots of other music.

When the Pilot is plugged in for file transfers or for charging the user interface suspends and audio play stops. That's annoying, but not horrible for me.

Using bluetooth battery life has been 3 to 4 hours rather than the 24 hours given in the product specs. My Motorola phones have also gotten shorter battery life when using bluetooth, so it's not surprising that I don't get the advertised battery life. I usually don't go more than a few hours where I'd be using the player anyway.

I've got both a Jabra BT8010 and a Motorola S9 for stereo bluetooth goodness. Both synced up to the Pilot with no problems. Both can switch back and forth between the Pilot and my phone when a call comes in. Very nice.

The Pilot bluetooth signal generally doesn't go much more than 10 meters. I would expect more at this point, but it's a limitation I can deal with. My phone and headset fully support bluetooth 2.0 as I found out today when I accidentally almost initiated a call at the gym with my phone as the phone sat in a locker 40 meters away in another room.

The most annoying thing about the Pilot thus far is that the radio uses the wired headset as an antenna, so when using a stereo bluetooth headset to listen to the radio I still have to plug in some wire in order to pick up the signal. I'm going to experiment to see if I can come up with a compact antenna for the Pilot.

The Init Arm Band listed on the Best Buy web site sucks, but they have others in store. Just bought an Action Jacket tonight. It looks like that'll work out.