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Free Software CPA?

I'm needing an accountant for an organization or two and for my personal books. Are there any accountants who'll work with Free Software?

I asked on the PLUG discuss after dismal results searching for accountant and Free Software.

At last I figured out to search for CPA and Free Software. Still nothing great. I tried searching for CPA and various Free Software applications such as GnuCash, LedgerSMB, webERP and SQL-Ledger.

That led to a few results. I don't know if US CPAs can practice in any state in the US.

I presume accountants have to get approval from every country in which they practice. Certainly someone provides the 'certified' part of Certified Public Accountant.

GnuCash has a spot in it's wiki to list CPAs.

SQL-Ledger has lists of partners and one of the categories is CPAs.

Lots of Free Software for accounting out there, but we need to be able to work with accountants and auditors to make sure we're using it correctly.