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pushing Mercedes

On the way home tonight the car in front of us slammed on it's breaks and then dived to the right lane. At that point I got to see why as I continued slowing and also moved right to avoid the Daimler stopped in the middle of the road with the hazards blinking.

After going by and me commenting that the driver shouldn't leave the vehicle in the middle of the road Sonya suggested it might be someone incapable of pushing the vehicle to the side.

I turned around and got back to the vehicle as a police officer pulled in behind it with his hazards on. I got out of my car and slowly approached the police car. I mentioned to him that we'd come back to see if they could use help moving the vehicle out of the road. He said that sounded good.

I approached the car and started talking to the driver. There were two young, fitter than average, but not exactly buff women in the car. I let them know there was a cop behind them and suggested we get the vehicle out of the road as they were causing a hazard.

After walking back and forth a bit we determined that the car needed to cross the intersection to a parking lot 100 meters or so on the other side as it was the only parking place in the area.

The driver wasn't aware that the car would steer even though the automatic power was out. I turned the wheel for the initial push. Both women got out to help push, but I talked the driver back in, so she could hit the brakes at the appropriate time :). The officer blocked traffic a bit, so we could move the vehicle to the right lane. and after a few starts we got the vehicle across the intersection and just barely out of the street.

Just as we were pushing the car out of the street a service truck coming the other way turned left and cut us off some. Had he not done that and the driver not hit the brakes we'd've likely made it up into an actual parking spot. As soon as we were out of the street the cop kept driving and took off.

I walked over to the guy in the service truck and friendily asked him if he'd help us move the Mercedes up a little further into the lot. With me, Sonya, the Benz passenger and the truck driver we were able to easily push the Mercedes uphill into a parking spot. I thanked the truck driver and he went back to his truck.

The women said they had someone on the way, so Sonya and I took off.

It's been a while since I pushed a vehicle uphill. Maybe I need to live near where everyone's grandpa went to school, so I can push it uphill both ways and get in shape :).

BTW, we both loved Stardust. It was a fun movie.