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MARS rocks

PLUG east side meeting tonight. We have presentations on IRC, gNewSense and GIMP tricks.

We also have a good turnout tonight.

We had a great turnout at last month's east side meeting as well. For that one we had Noel in from the ASU Mars project talking about his work with satellites and the mars rovers.

That was a great presentation. Lots of cool pictures and stories! He mentioned that his group asked for rocks to be mailed in and they'll examine them with the same instruments that are on the rovers. That's pretty cool. He says they've gotten 3,000 rocks ( and a few other things ) mailed in.

They also have a program that brings a group of students in every week to take their own pictures of mars using the rovers!!! That is so cool. I want to take pictures of Mars!

The students have to spend a few weeks preparing at their normal school. They have to learn how to use the tools the NASA scientists use. They also have to write a paper showing the scientific reasoning behind the particular picture they want to take.

Then, they spend a week at the ASU Mars office and they get to take a picture of Mars!!!

I want to take a picture of Mars using one of the rovers!!!

Noel gave a great presentation. Sure, the cool pictures of Mars and the fun stories about the rovers and the project helped, but Noel did a great job such that the pictures and stories were the icing on top.