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Southwest Valley?

Recently attendance to PLUG meetings has been growing. We're back up to 30 to 40 people at the east side meeting. Having a lot of good presentations has helped there. Not only have we been getting good Free Software presentations ( including JJ's great, spontaneous presentation about his homemade wireless router ), but we've been getting some excellent presentations that aren't directly about Free Software.

We had two presentations on NASA projects ( thanks Noel and Mike! ), plus an excellent presentation on resume writing ( thanks Don! ). Mike even talked with us afterwards about his experiences on the MythBusters.

The west side meeting has started pulling in 10 to 15 people. We need to work on more repeat turnout, though.

The Free Software Stammtisch has also been pulling in large groups again.

The InstallFest has also been generating more interest.

Now, in the last week we've gotten a bunch of requests via different avenues for a meeting in the Southwest part of town. It looks like a couple of people might start a meeting at Leap's Frozen Custard in Avondale.

Watch the PLUG web site and the discuss mailing list for more info as the details firm up.