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Happy sysadm Day!!!

Today is sysadm day, so remember to thank your system administrators.

System administrators are professionals who work many thankless hours keeping the computing infrastructure working.

Sysadms don't get free trips to Hawaii for meeting quotas, don't get company cards to use for happy hours and generally don't get to come in late the day after working late.

Sysadms do get paged at all hours of the day and night ( not to mention weekends and holidays ), do get yelled at by people because something broke and do get to work long hours because someone else broke something.

Sysadms often don't get thanked for the work they do. Please remember today to change that and thank them now because without sysadms you wouldn't be able to read this or anything else on the Internet.

Also, if your sysadm has done something you feel spectacular in the line of duty, please vote her/him for sysadm of the year.

Both are brought to you, in part, by LOPSA, the League of Professional System Administrators.