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PLUG mtg and site updates

Talked to Brian to make sure we'll be set for the west side meeting at the new location. He'll get the cheesecake from me Friday night. He'll make sure food is arranged somehow.

Posted a reminder about the meeting to the discuss list.

Updated the meeting entry on the web site to have a description of the topic and info on the new location.

Added an article for the meeting. I don't see how to do links in the articles, so the links to the school and map don't work. Sent mail to the webdev list saying there's a problem.

Sent mail to the webdev list thanking Alan and Jared for the new banner ads.

Created a sponsor and volunteer page. It's part of the FAQ for now. It's got a really, really simple and ugly setup. I shouldn't get frustrated when needing to get to sleep. Sent a notice to the webdev list that the page is created and it's ugly. I also mentioned that it will take a more prominent spot on the site when I get back from vacation.

Wrote the steering committee to remind them that I will be on vacation and miss the next few events. I really wish I could be there for the Blender class.