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camping with spies

These are notes made while camping a few weeks ago...


When I went back to my tent to go to sleep a mouse jumped out of one of my bags. Really moved fast for such a small critter. Took me a few times of chasing it out of things to convince it to finally go out the door. It hit the open land and booked away from the tent towards the dark.

Had a couple of good chances to get pictures of it, but didn't think to grab the camera.

I'll have to check tomorrow for mouse droppings and mousebitten food. I think the only food in here was in the closed backpack anyway.

Need to clean the zipper on the tent. Was a pain getting it back open and it won't close all the way :(.

Need to start remembering a pillow.

No wireless networks found out here, go figure :).

Earlier in the day had a friend go through a bit of a breakdown. She's had a couple of deaths in the family and other problems in the last few months. She needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to hold her. Glad I was able to be there for her.

Tonight I got to talk to another friend for a while, over the drumming. She and her boyfriend have also been going through issues. Hopefully things are on the upturn for them.


To explain the entry title: I have a friend named Mouse and have been kidding her about her spies :). She just graduated. Go Mouse!