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Freewill Konzert

Arun and I went to a Freewill concert tonight. As before they were fantabulous! Great show. It was his first time to see them and he was dutifully impressed.

I think they added to the light show. They need a projector and some videos to go with the show. They could do a google maps thing for subdivisions :). It'd be cool to fade from normal street to combo to satellite and back during the song.

Unfortunately Jay was in with his band, so he missed it. Bought a Freewill sticker and got the band to autograph it for him.

They've got another show at the same place lined up for the 16th of June. They're gonna give away one of Geddy's dryer shirts at that show! The giveaway will be based on who donates the most food at the show. Spaghetti Lee's wife held up the shirt for me, so I could get a picture of it. Looks like it came out well.

Took over 300 pictures at the show. Filled up the card and didn't have a spare :(. Had to delete a few pics to get the last few at the end. Had room for one more pic when I left.

Great show, everybody should go to the June concert :).