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July 8th Virtual Meeting Topics

PLUG - Wed, 2021/07/07 - 14:45

We'll have 2 persentations for this month "MySQL 8.0 Indexes, Histograms, and Other Ways to Speed Up Your Queries" and "My Presentation Creation Stack with AsciiDoc"
Attend the meeting on by visiting: on the 8th of July at 7pm MST

Dave Stokes: MySQL 8.0 Indexes, Histograms, and Other Ways to Speed Up Your Queries

Improving the performance of database queries is often seen as a Harry Potter-ish dark art. In reality it is simple engineering and revolves around providing the query optimizer the best information about your data! And how do you do that? Well, you can start with properly planned indexes and histograms. We will also venture into some other areas that will help you speed up your queries.

About Dave:
Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and the author of 'MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide'.

der.hans: My Presentation Creation Stack with AsciiDoc

Creating information rich presentations in AsciiDoc is easy.
AsciiDoc was created as a markup for making DocBook books.
Since it is plain text, AsciiDoc lends itself to writing, editing and using revision control.

The presentation introduces AsciiDoc and covers both advantages and disadvantages of using it for presentations.
I will also cover some of the presentation tools I've used previously.
Then I'll illuminate why I now prefer AsciiDoc and some suggestions when using it for presentations.

About der.hans:
der.hans is a technologist, Free Software advocate, parent and spouse.

Hans is chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG), chair for SeaGL Finance committee, founder of SeaGL Career Expo, BoF organizer for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) and founder of the Free Software Stammtisch. He presents regularly at large community-led conferences (SeaGL, SCaLE, LCA, FOSSASIA, Tübix, CLT, LFNW, OLF, SELF, GeekBeacon Fest) and many local groups.

Currently a Customer Data Engineer at Object Rocket. Public statements are not representative of $dayjob.

Fediverse/Mastodon -

June 10th Virtual Meeting

PLUG - Mon, 2021/06/07 - 09:28
We've got 2 presentations this month on Containers and The Fediverse for you this month.

Attend the meeting on by visiting:

Sebastian: Putting Containers on Waiters

Containers have been around for a long time, though they have recently become more popular. Sebastian will go into fedora's main container management software, Podman; discuss the uses of containers and how they can improve an organizations security and reliability; downsides to using docker containers; and where many security issues are found in the space.
Over the course of this presentation, nginx, apache, and nextcloud servers will be built for examples. Maybe others, depending on audience desires.
This is a demo presentation, so slides are written as notes for people afterward.

About Sebastian:
By day, Sebastian works for the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, in which he uses Linux and Open-Source software to accomplish the organization's tasks.
By night, Sebastian... does the same, thing. He works on servers for home use and researches what open-source software people can generally use, as well as how to improve the processes for their construction and maintenance.

Bob Murphy: An Introduction to the Fediverse

The Fediverse is a collection of communities that is a bit of a throwback to a smaller, more personal time of the internet. There are services for short messaging, audo and video sharing, and event organizing, among other things.

We'll talk a bit about the origin, and the present state of the Fediverse, and some of the services that you can use to have a more reasonable social media experience.

About Bob:
Linux sysadmin, long time desktop Linux user. Not the most social "social media" user.

Presentations for May 13th's Virtual Meeting

PLUG - Tue, 2021/05/11 - 09:00
We'll have 2 presentations this month, both from Bob Murphy.
  • An Introduction to GNU Screen - or How to Make the Command Line Work for You When the Network is Working Against You.
  • Create Your Own RedHat Style Home Lab in About an Hour.
Join the Meeting by going to on May. 13th at 7pm MST

Bob Murphy: An Introduction to GNU Screen - or How to Make the Command Line Work for You When the Network is Working Against You.

GNU Screen is part of the GNU project, and is an overlooked utility that can make working on the command line much easier. Screen is a terminal multiplexer that allows for disconnecting remote sessions, multiple ways to enhance viewing of your command line sessions, and better ways to capture data from those sessions. I’ll show you how to more effectively use Screen, as well as how to install it under several GNU/Linux distributions. The talk is targeted at beginner or intermediate UNIX users. Those attending are encouraged to bring a laptop with GNU/Linux or another UNIX to install Screen and work along during presentation. It will be interactive, with questions encouraged.

Bob Murphy: Create Your Own RedHat Style Home Lab in About an Hour.

Need to learn about Linux servers? Get a self-contained RedHat based lab up and running in no time. What's required: A host computer with virtualization tools installed, RedHat-based iso file to install, and about an hour. It should interest anyone looking to quickly set up an environment to study Linux, either for an exam like RHCSA/CE or just to learn how it works. It will be interactive, with questions encouraged. If the audience members bring a laptop with a VM host installed, and a Red-Hat based .iso file, they can follow along (quickly). The talk slides are at

About Bob:
Bob Murphy is a long-time desktop Linux user, and a current Linux sysadmin, EFF and Software Freedom Conservancy supporter.

Virtual Meeting Topic for meeting on 8/4

PLUG - Tue, 2021/04/06 - 17:29

Ben Cotton: Fedora and Future of Operating Systems

Join the Meeting for going to on Apr. 4th at 7pm MST

Operating systems are not boring, but they’re no longer the end of the Linux development pipeline. As interest shifts up the stack to containers and other abstraction technologies, what are operating system makers to do? This talk describes how the Fedora Project views the future of the Linux distribution, why it’s still relevant, and how we’re going to get there. The operating system may not get the attention it used to, but it still plays an important role in providing the foundation that modern applications are built on.

About Ben:
Ben is a meteorologist by training, but weather makes a great hobby. Ben works as the Fedora Program Manager at Red Hat. He is a member of the Open Source Initiative and a supporter of Software Freedom Conservancy. Ben is an Correspondent Emeritus and an Open Organization Ambassador. Find him on Twitter (@FunnelFiasco) or at

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