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BPC110 - class

Section number 15782 of BPC110 is an online class covering an introduction to the application suite. It starts August 25th, so sign up now.

The class is full! That's great news for education about Free Software. The class limit is higher than it was supposed to be, so there are still a few extra slots left. Sign up now if you want to take the class.

Students will be learning applications with practical, hands-on exercises and assignments. There will be an emphasis on word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software. Each topic will be covered for about 3 weeks.

Students will submit lab assignments once a week via the WebCT course management tool, and all quizzes and exams will be taken online via the Internet. Classwork depends on, a web browser, flash and java. Since all of those applications are cross-platform there isn't a requirement to use a specific operating system.

Since the class is completely online there is no need to actually go to the college campus.

It's class number 15782 with instructor M. Vening.

Sign up via Maricopa Community College's web site.

In the class search use the 'Additional Search Criteria' section to search for classes from instructor 'Vening'. The class description is generic to the course, so lists Microsoft Office even though this particular section will be using

Contact the instructor, Vening at with any questions. The class runs 2008Aug25 to 2008Dec19.