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Stammtisch pages updated

Finally got around to some page updates. Some general updates on the Stammtische page and added information for the new East Valley Free Software Stammtisch.

The East Valley Free Software Stammtisch moved to Iguana Macks a couple of months ago. After having met in Tempe for over a decade, we moved a few miles east to Mesa. It's a good location and we've mostly had a good turnout. Sorry about December Brian :).

German octopus swims amuck

A octopus in a german aquarium has been having fun with a little vandalism, remodeling and juggling of hermit crabs.

Weimarer Musik

Heard an audio story about Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester. Not going to make it over to Santa Fe for the concert.

Fans of the Comedian Harmonists should check it out.

authentic Oktoberfest

Ready for a real Oktoberfest experience in Arizona? Try the 3rd annual Phoenix Oktoberfest from the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures.

Phoenix Oktoberfest is being put on by valley german, austrian and swiss groups in conjunction with the AC4GC.

We'll have real german food, beer and drinks. It's 10:00 to 22:00 at the Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. 200 East Moreland is just South of the Burton Barr Phoenix library on Central.

Arizona Club in Dresden

Es gibt ein Arizona club in Dresden. Sie treffen sich um über die Wüste zu lernen. Sie ermöglichen Studenten Austausch zwischen Deutschland und Arizona. KJZZ hat ein Berich um den Arizona Club gemacht.

deutsche Film bloss bis Montag

OneNightCinema mietet ein Kino um bestimmte Filme zu ziegen.

Ein deutscher Film, Yella läuft bis Montag.

Der Tempe Stammtisch sieht ihn am Sonntag und am Montag an.

( The German film Yella is showing until Monday, see link for more info )

Feuerzangenbowle 2007

Due to plumbing issues we will not be showing the film this year. Ja, ja, ich weiß, "Wir haben aber keine Bauarbeit." Well, believe me, we have some Umbauarbeit.

All is not lost. AC4GC has invited me to make Feuerzangenbowle at their Christmas party. The party includes kids, so if you bring some please also bring gifts for the Weihnachtsmann's bag. He'll be there around 18:30.

The first Bowle will be lit up right around party kickoff at 17:30. Depending on demand, more might be made.

AC4GC Weihnachtsfeier mit Feuerzangenbowle

AC4GC macht ihr Weihnachtsfeier bei EuroDream Kitchens.

Ich war eingeladen die Feuerzangenbowle zu machen. Soweit ich weiß, gibt's keinen Plan den Film zu zeigen.

1. Feuerzangenbowle gegen 17.30.

Die Einladung:

Johan Bolle lädt in Zusammenarbeit mit AC4GC, AzBiznetz, und Friends of Germany International euch und eure Familien herzlich zum Weihnachtsfest am Samstag, den 22. Dezember um 17:30 Uhr bei EuroDream Kitchens & Design Gallery in Scottsdale ein.

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Swiss tell German to take German classes

Even Germans and Austrians must take German classes to become Swiss citizens.

Medieval FDA and 500 year old bratwust recipe

An amateur historian found a nearly 600 year old bratwurst recipe. Apparently the 1432 guidelines indicate quality requirements and fines if they aren't met. Wonder if the medieval testing meant everyone on the inspection committee got a free bratwurst.


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