GNU/Linux classes start soon

The fall semester is starting before the end of August. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Bash Shell Scripting starts on Monday, August 23 and runs Monday and Wednesday nights for 8 weeks.

Happy Sysadmin Day

Happy 11th annual Sysadmin Day. Once again I get to celebrate it as a sysadmin. I also get to celebrate it by starting the workday 2 hours before midnight...

I also get to celebrate by taking my baby for playtime at the gym. It'll be a great day :).

KJZZ increases international news

SB1070 went into effect today and interestingly today is the premier of BBC news hour on KJZZ, the NPR/PRI station in Phoenix. Guess not everyone in a position of decision-making in the state is an east coaster bent on discrimination.

Free, as in beer, Rattlers tickets

The Arizona Rattlers moved the home opening to Friday, 2010Apr16, and have decided to give away all of the tickets to the game. They claim this is the first time in history that all of the tickets for a pro-game have been given away. See the announcement for info on where and when to get the tickets.

The home opener is against the Chicago Rush, which is different than this RUSH, which will also soon be on the road.

Census Jobs in Arizona

A local radio interview in Phoenix reported that the census has lots of openings in Arizona. It was mentioned that the jobs generally pay about $15.50 per hour. Apparently, they're not getting enough applicants.

See the census jobs site for info on applying.

Limoncelli's time mgt videos

Author Tom Limoncelli has collected his Time Management for System Administrators videos in one place. Watch the videos, read the book.

System administrators have abnormal time and task management needs. Tom does a great job of addressing those along with the normal time management stuff.

I recommand Time Management for System Administrators as a supplimental book for my system administration classes and plan to start using some of Tom's videos in class.

Linux paid internship in Scottsdale

There's a post on the PLUG site about a paid Linux internship in Scottsdale.

A Scottsdale company is looking for someone to fill a paid Linux Internship. This requires knowledge in Red Hat based distros with a "nice to have" in LAMP type setups. The candidate would report directly or perhaps indirectly, to Mike Ballon; the position does have a good possibility of becoming full time.

Annual PLUG party

Every year PLUG has an end of year party for the December east side meeting.

We encourage bringing family and friends. This is a social event with no presentations. We will have some giveaways including some new Free Software comics.

We also encourage bringing some food to share.

No alcohol because the meeting is at a school.

This will be the only in person PLUG meeting this month, so turn out and participate.

Buy Nothing, Do Something

It's a time for over-consumption, our annual food coma. It's also a time for family and friends. We should remember those near us that might not have family in the area.

Let's be thankful both for the good things in our lives and that the bad things really aren't all that bad for most of us celebrating Thanksgiving.

Many of us also get Friday off. Remembering that it's a holiday for family and friends we should avoid going out into the consumptive crowds. Instead we should spend the day doing something for our community.


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