sed intro

Ran into a cool introduction for sed.

Glow in the Dark "Mmmm.... Chocolate" t-shirt


Glow in the dark "Mmmm...Chocolate" on a chocolate t-shirt


PLUG women's t-shirt


Women's white t-shirt with PLUG logo


PLUG t-shirt


PLUG t-shirt


PLUG shirts setup

I think I finally got the PLUG shirts right. Using SpreadShirt to handle all the store stuff.

Both men's and women's shirts available.

camping with spies

These are notes made while camping a few weeks ago...


When I went back to my tent to go to sleep a mouse jumped out of one of my bags. Really moved fast for such a small critter. Took me a few times of chasing it out of things to convince it to finally go out the door. It hit the open land and booked away from the tent towards the dark.

Had a couple of good chances to get pictures of it, but didn't think to grab the camera.

I'll have to check tomorrow for mouse droppings and mousebitten food. I think the only food in here was in the closed backpack anyway.

Need to clean the zipper on the tent. Was a pain getting it back open and it won't close all the way :(.

Job board for LOPSA

Doug got the job board up on the LOPSA web site. He's done a fantastic job testing and getting patches on the test server and now has it up and running on the production site.

Wrote the job board list asking them to help us get jobs listed.

Great to see progress for LOPSA.

Linux etc.

Doing a presentation for PLUG west side Tue night.

Calling it "Linux etc." and covering things I think people should know. Ideally we'll have audience participation. In fact, I probably should learn something almost every time I give the presentation.

The presentation should really be mostly just standard *NIX stuff, but I'm not going to worry about compatibility this time around.

Hopefully the presentation will be a strange mix of trivial pursuit, game show and treasure hunt.


Got PLUG t-shirts up over the weekend. Ordered a couple to see how they turn out. Not linking to them anywhere for now.

The first sample t-shirt came out well. If the PLUG shirts work out it's time to put up some of my stuff and get it organized.

Protesting the board

The PUHSD teachers union had hundreds of people out picketing at the board meeting Thursday night. They met about a half mile from the board meeting, then picketed down Central to the meeting.

It was cool to see that much involvement. I asked and was told that there are about 1400 teachers in the district. That means the CTA might've had over 20% of the teachers show up to picket.

Inside we could hear them cheering out things like "CTA" and "It's not about the money." throughout the meeting.

The heart of the issue is that there has been a mutually agreed upon professional agreement in place between the teachers and PUHSD for decades and the school board has decided to summarily throw it out.


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