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Chris is writing a blog of LOPSA's Sysadmin Days Phoenix.

Geschäfte Eintragen

Das AZBizNetz Site ist schon lange bereit.

Heute habe ich ein Paar Leute geemailt und gebeten ihre Firmen in den Firmenverzeichnis zu eintragen.

Einer hat Probleme, denn URL wurde nur mit http:// oder https:// richtig behandelt. Ich habe's korriegiert. Jetzt wird URL ohne Protokolbezeichnung wird als http behandelt.

Ich habe auch notiert, daß das Logo ein Bild sein muß.

Sysadmin Days

LOPSA's Sysadmin Days starts on Monday. The rest of the weekend is going to be spent getting ready for that.

We've got a nice program and I'm really looking forward to the training.

Freewill: what a show!

It took more than 4 hours, but Freewill played 30 songs for us tonight!


Great music played fantastically with an insane dedication, for which we are grateful.

Freewill does an outstanding job covering Rush. Tonight they gave us at least one song from each studio album.

Rush fans should go see Freewill if the chance comes up.

Thanks to the guys in the band and all the men and women behind the scenes that made the concert happen!

Freewill tonight

Freewill concert tonight! I've really been looking forward to it and it looks like they've got quite the experience setup for us.

I need to reinstall a calendar module, so I can post things like this.

Maybe I can win one of Geddy's dryer shirts :).

We don't need no steenking databases...

After all the fun and exciting problems in the last month because of a migration that didn't take my team into account they decided to turn it up a notch this week.

First they deleted the client software from production. Not like we were using that for everything or something...

Then, tonight, they decided to take down the databases with a half hours notice on a Friday night. They also decided to perform maintenance that wasn't even announced a half hour early. Waiting for that to get fixed a couple of hours after the maintenance window was supposed to end.

The downtime happened to also be during our automated nightly scripts, just to make it more interesting.

Halloween traffic sucked mightily!

We had a company-wide meeting, so had to go into the office for Halloween.

Only a few of us dressed up.

I left work early, to make sure I'd be home in time for the trick-or-treaters, but it took over an hour and a half to get home :(. That's more than an hour longer than normal! Some of that was due to actually being on the road during rush hour, but even then it's usually about an hour.

I ended up missing the first couple of waves of kids :(.

My roommie filled in for me, so at least they didn't go away empty-handed.

Still, Halloween is a great opportuntity to get other people's kids wired on sugar with no negative repercussions :).

Alwun House Halloween

Went to the Alwun house Saturday night for their annual Halloween party.

A mix of weird artsy-fartsy wannabe stuff, so it was fun :).

Sonya and I had different opinions as to which of the dance troups was worth watching, but we also got up and dance a couple times.

Some good costumes there. We went as zombies. Our costumes turned out pretty good and I did Alice eyes for my setup :).

Edric was there, so we hung out with him and his date for while.


The annual Irish Festival was last weekend.

They ran out of corned beef and cabbage before we got there :(, but the shepards pie was tasty :).

They had Guinness booths. This festival wasn't sponsored by Budweiser! Glad some people do the cultural thing right ( even if I don't like beer ).

Fun music and dancing. We didn't dance this time as we were short of time due to needing to make a wheelbarrow delivery.

$gf bought a hand-knitted sweater. She had passed up all opportunities in .ie to buy one, but finally gave it. It's quite nice. It's also a bit thinner than the ones we saw there, which is good in Phoenix.

Stammtisch happens

My roomie and I walked in to Old Chicago for Stammtisch tonight. As usual I was greeted with a round of 'Hey Hans' but it wad different as it was in English.

There sat Sean, Dathi, Jason and Alara :). Most cool.

Marc continued on to the Germans while I stopped to hang out.

Sean was up for fighter practice this week, so now I'm even more annoyed that I missed it.

It was fun hanging out and popping back and forth between the tho groups.

Sean can't stay for the Irish Festival tomorrow :(.


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