Freewill: awesome show

Freewill once again put on a great show! They had a good turnout and the audience was primed for the concert.

Good Company Pictures was there working on part of their multi-part documentary, "Tribute: The Next Best Thing".

They're also covering Police and Queen tribute bands. Some other bands as well, but I guess they haven't finished negotiating the rights to use the music.

Along with the great music, Freewill had lots of props. As always they had stuff like the dryer on the stage. This time they also had Permanent Waves girl, the Moving Pictures movers, a skeleton dancer for Roll the Bones and a Presto bunny.

Freewill 13th anniv bash

Freewill is celebrating it's 13 year anniversary and the announcement of the new RUSH album, "Snakes and Arrows", with a performance of 23 classic RUSH songs.

Good Company Pictures will be in from Toronto, .ca ( RUSH's home town ) to film and interview fans. Freewill has been chosen to be featured in the "Tribute: The Next Best Thing" documentary. As usual, Freewill is sponsoring a canned food drive at the show. Donations get raffle tickets for prizes donated by sponsors such as Rush Backstage, KDKB and Guitar Electronics. The last two shows had t-shirts from Geddy's dryer...

Clubhouse Music Venue

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Tempe Stammtisch Kinoabend - »Das Leben der Anderen«

The Tempe Stammtisch will be heading over to the Harkins Camelview to see the 18:30 showing of »Das Leben der Anderen« ( The Lives of Others ).

The plan is to meet in front of the theater at 18:15.

7001 East Highland Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ

602 222 4275 x016

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50 Jahre Trabi

Wir haben jetzt 50 Jahre Trabi.

Bilder aus dem BBC.

Fantastic talk!

Went to see Rafe Esquith's talk at ChangingHands tonight.

In the end the place was jam packed. Employees kept pulling out chairs for those standing around. Before the talk they'd filled in all the empties. It was great to see so many people turn out for his presentation.

We weren't disappointed. Rafe's a great speaker. He's got lots of interesting stories from 24 years of teaching. He also brought along an ace. Well, several of them.

Rafe brought several of his students from the lady two years. They played music before the talk started. After Rafe talked for a while he turned the stage over to the students for performance time. They really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. That coupled with doing a good job of the performances made for great entertainment. If one looked closely, one could see it was also an opportunity to learn...

Rafe Esquith coming to Changing Hands!!!

Rafe Esquith will be at Changing Hands in Tempe Thursday night!

Rafe is credited with being an outstanding teacher who inspires his students to greatness. His first book, "There Are No Shortcuts" is a fantastic, inspiring read. I've already bought 20 copies of it and have just purchased another 10 because I keep giving them away to educators. One book recipient now requires teachers to read "There Are No Shortcuts" before she'll agree to be their mentor.

first PLUG awards

We have a Town Hall meeting tonight in IRC and I'm planning on giving out the first PLUG award by posting an image here.

Scan of award certificate for Integrum thanking them for supporting PLUG.

die Feuerzangenbowle

Feuerzangenbowle Video Cover

Die Feuerzangenbowle is a classic German black and white film.

Die Feuerzangenbowle is back! We will once again be hosting a Feuerzangenbowle pot luck. This year on Saturday, December 16th.

Glühwein is a traditional Winter mulled wine. Following Winter traditions makes sense for the new house :).

One year of LOPSA

Today, 14Nov2006, LOPSA is having its one year anniversary!

Congrats to LOPSA for all of its accomplishments in just one year.

Thanks to all the volunteers ( and let's not forget that the LOPSA board members are also all vounteers ) who've worked so hard to make LOPSA a success! Thanks also to the sponsors who've supported LOPSA and all its many activities.

LOPSA formed and immediately built active mailing lists with lots of good sysadm content. A couple of weeks later LOPSA had a strong presence at LISA. Many LOPSA members actively work to make LISA happen, so that was no big surprise :).

MARS rocks

PLUG east side meeting tonight. We have presentations on IRC, gNewSense and GIMP tricks.

We also have a good turnout tonight.

We had a great turnout at last month's east side meeting as well. For that one we had Noel in from the ASU Mars project talking about his work with satellites and the mars rovers.

That was a great presentation. Lots of cool pictures and stories! He mentioned that his group asked for rocks to be mailed in and they'll examine them with the same instruments that are on the rovers. That's pretty cool. He says they've gotten 3,000 rocks ( and a few other things ) mailed in.


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