Software Freedom Day

A big round of thanks to Dennis for organizing the Phoenix event for Software Freedom Day 07. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped him organize and run the event and those who did recon on possible event locations.

Dennis has posted a short wrapup with pictures.

Hopefully PLUG will follow Software Freedom Day up with a picnic in October.

illegal sharing petty offense in Germany

German prosecuters have said that attempts to get personal data about customers from ISPs won't fly. They called the illegal sharing a minor offense because it could not be shown that they have dramatic effect. They also said that criminal investigations should not be launched in order to support civil lawsuits. Furthermore, German law actually provides for some privacy for individuals.

Read more from heise online.

Free Software CPA?

I'm needing an accountant for an organization or two and for my personal books. Are there any accountants who'll work with Free Software?

I asked on the PLUG discuss after dismal results searching for accountant and Free Software.

At last I figured out to search for CPA and Free Software. Still nothing great. I tried searching for CPA and various Free Software applications such as GnuCash, LedgerSMB, webERP and SQL-Ledger.

That led to a few results. I don't know if US CPAs can practice in any state in the US.

pushing Mercedes

On the way home tonight the car in front of us slammed on it's breaks and then dived to the right lane. At that point I got to see why as I continued slowing and also moved right to avoid the Daimler stopped in the middle of the road with the hazards blinking.

After going by and me commenting that the driver shouldn't leave the vehicle in the middle of the road Sonya suggested it might be someone incapable of pushing the vehicle to the side.

new faces

Last week's interesting presentation on screen brought in several new people. We also had several new people show up at last month's west side meeting.

It's up to us to make PLUG interesting enough for them to come back.

Thanks to Colin for his presentation. Thanks also to Dierk and Joe for their impromptu mini-presentations.

Phoenix Asterisk User Group

James over at Rhino Equipment mentioned that he was planning on starting a local Asterisk user group. He's setup a web site saying that it'll kick off in September.

September is also the Phoenix AstriCon.

Amanda from Rhino Equipment has been out to help at the InstallFest.

System Administrator Appreciation Day 2007

2007's System Administrator Appreciation Day is here. I had planned on taking our sysadm to lunch. As often happens to system administrators, he got hit by some issues and isn't getting lunch today :(.

As a recovering system administrator (currently working as a developer), I understand the interrupt driven environment. I also want to help our environment be less interrupt driven :).

Give your local System Administrators a membership to LOPSA and nominate them for sysadmin of the year if they're doing a great job.

PLUG site moved and revamped

PLUG recently moved its web site to new hardware. With the change we also moved to Drupal from Joomla!.

With the change we've been getting more participation in maintaining the web site, which it great. Some of that is due to us doing a better job of getting people access to make updates. Some is we seem to have more people familiar with Drupal.

Once again Kevin is updating the user map to work with the new environment. As usual, he's also adding features.

NASA talk for PLUG

Noel Gorelick of the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University will be discussing ASU's participation in the robotic exploration of the planet Mars, and how linux plays a part in that work.

Noel did a great job with his last presentation for PLUG. Lots of really cool pictures of Mars and stories behind what was going on. He was also a great presenter as well as having really, really cool materials. This might be the last chance to catch the talk as Noel is leaving the Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU to work for Google.

Wednesday, 2007May23, starting at 19:00.

Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics


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