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got Percona some consulting

Yesterday, I got Percona some consulting. Feels good to give back to a company that has certainly helped me out without ever interacting with me.

One of my students asked for references on improving a MySQL setup that had rolled over for his job. While I did recommend some local resources, I also recommended Percona. We had just talked about performance tuning, so the question was even on-topic :).

For my current job I've been needing to improve our MySQL infrastructure. Percona's MySQL Performance Blog keeps popping up in Internet searches and has been quite valuable. We're also moving to Percona packages. Finally, XtraBackup is far more usable for our environment than mysqldump.

I like it so much I proposed a talk on XtraBackup to SCaLE :). Unfortunately that talk wasn't accepted, but my talks on Tunneling With SSH and the Moodle GIFT Question Format were, so it works out for me :). I subsequently submitted the XtraBackup talk to ABLEconf, but haven't yet heard back on it.

I heard from my student that his company is going to get some phone support from Percona for the MySQL and look at local resources for some other consulting. Double-win, business for a valuable FLOSS company and business for the local economy :).