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Rafe Esquith coming to Changing Hands!!!

Rafe Esquith will be at Changing Hands in Tempe Thursday night!

Rafe is credited with being an outstanding teacher who inspires his students to greatness. His first book, "There Are No Shortcuts" is a fantastic, inspiring read. I've already bought 20 copies of it and have just purchased another 10 because I keep giving them away to educators. One book recipient now requires teachers to read "There Are No Shortcuts" before she'll agree to be their mentor.

Rafe's new book, "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire", also looks interesting. Thinking a child's learning is more important than realizing your hair is on fire is a little screwy, but Rafe's been there.

His 12 hour days, 6 days a week and extreme dedication get results. In a school where 92 percent of the kids live in a households below the poverty level Rafe doesn't want pretty good, he wants excellent. He's willing to work for it and so are his students.

I first heard about Rafe via an interview he did on the Diane Rehm Show. It was broadcast on a day I was sick. I had even taken the day off. I was up and wanting to go back to sleep, but I waited until the interview was done because Rafe's story is so fascinating.

Listen to the interviews and show up Thursday night! If you purchase one of his books ahead of time you can make sure there will be room for you.

An NPR interview from 26Apr2005, another from 22Jan2007.

Check out the trailer from a PBS documentary on Rafe and his students.

Wikipedia has an article on Rafe.

What: Rafe Esquith: Author Event
When: Thursday, 01Feb2007, 19:00
Where: Changing Hands Bookstore, 6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283, 480 730 0205

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