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PLUG mtg and site updates

Talked to Brian to make sure we'll be set for the west side meeting at the new location. He'll get the cheesecake from me Friday night. He'll make sure food is arranged somehow.

Posted a reminder about the meeting to the discuss list.

Updated the meeting entry on the web site to have a description of the topic and info on the new location.

Added an article for the meeting. I don't see how to do links in the articles, so the links to the school and map don't work. Sent mail to the webdev list saying there's a problem.

Sent mail to the webdev list thanking Alan and Jared for the new banner ads.

neue Veranstaltungen und Geschaefte

Es wurde welche neue Veranstaltungen in den Kalendar eingetragen, hauptsächlich die AC4GC Filmreihe und WM Spiele.

Es wurde auch welche Geschäfte besser in der Firmenverzeichnis eingetragen.

Die Firmenverzeichnis wird jetzt als Business Listing beschrieben.

Das Geschäft link wurde gelöst. Es ist schon lägst bei der Firmenverzeichnis ersetzt.

Write the french budget

Apparently the french politicians are tired of listening to everyone bitch and have arranged to let everyone create their own budget for France!

It's all a video game (en France), but still a cool idea.

Wonder if you'd have to upgrade to a 64 bit computer in order to work with the .us deficit...


Juni Kino Eintrag wurde fixiert ganz oben auf der Hauptseite. Er muss nach Sonnabend wieder normal definiert werden.

Erlaubte die Beitrags-Warteschlange. Dooby's wurde dadurch erlaubt.

Fügte WM bei German Corner Veranstaltung ein.

Geschäfte werden jetzt bei der Firmenverzeichnis sortiert und es wird 5 Geschäfte pro Seite gelistet.

ac4gc nachrichten Links bearbeitet

Englischsprachige und deutschsprachige Nachrichten wird jetzt durch Taxonomy und ein Ansicht gelinkt.

PLUG meeting changes

The west side meeting is moving to the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics near I-17 and Bell.

We will be meeting in a computer classroom with 60 boxen running GNU/Linux!

The initial class will be on using Blender and we will have food and drinks on hand for the 'grand opening'.

Being just off the freeway should make the meetings much more accessable.

I'm also starting a series named "How I use Free Software". Just a few minutes from someone on how they use Free Software. Doesn't matter if it's work or personal.

sed intro

Ran into a cool introduction for sed.

PLUG shirts setup

I think I finally got the PLUG shirts right. Using SpreadShirt to handle all the store stuff.

Both men's and women's shirts available.

camping with spies

These are notes made while camping a few weeks ago...


When I went back to my tent to go to sleep a mouse jumped out of one of my bags. Really moved fast for such a small critter. Took me a few times of chasing it out of things to convince it to finally go out the door. It hit the open land and booked away from the tent towards the dark.

Had a couple of good chances to get pictures of it, but didn't think to grab the camera.

I'll have to check tomorrow for mouse droppings and mousebitten food. I think the only food in here was in the closed backpack anyway.

Need to clean the zipper on the tent. Was a pain getting it back open and it won't close all the way :(.

Job board for LOPSA

Doug got the job board up on the LOPSA web site. He's done a fantastic job testing and getting patches on the test server and now has it up and running on the production site.

Wrote the job board list asking them to help us get jobs listed.

Great to see progress for LOPSA.


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