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Virtual Presentation for April 14th

Thu, 2022/04/14 - 13:33

This is a remote meeting. Please join by going to at 7pm on Thursday April 14th

der.hans: Jekyll static site generator

Jekyll is a simple to use static site generator.

For easy, low maintenance, low resources like a blog, a static site generator (SSG) avoids complexity.
An SSG allows low effort content creation and easy deployment.
SSG can be hosted by a simple web server.
No need to setup programming languages or lots of modules.

About der.hans:
der.hans is a Free Software, technology and entrepreneurial veteran.

Hans is chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG); BoF organizer, jobs board maintainer, and jobs night organizer for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE); and founder of the Free Software Stammtisch along with the Stammtisch Job Nights.

Currently leads a database support engineering team at ObjectRocket, most likely anything Hans says publicly was not approved by $dayjob.

Topic for Mar 10th meeting

Thu, 2022/03/10 - 08:08
This is a remote meeting. Please join by going to at 7pm on Thursday Mar 10th

Robin: Ready Upon Ignition

Goes over a project I have been making, showing how one might automate configurations or validate them without ever running a command.
Then will be showing how the information can be used to automate system setup with Ignition files.

Systems admin that automates deployments of services and make them easy enough for most people to use.

Virtual Meeting Topic for 02/10

Wed, 2022/02/09 - 11:27

der.hans: Privacy Discussion

PLUG will host a privacy discussion. Join us in our private hosted Big Blue Button instance to participate.

The meeting is Thursday, February 10th at 7PM Arizona time (UTC-7)